Please put in your submissions today on far-reaching proposed changes to tenancy law and extra rental property standards.

This is because these proposals will have a big impact on you.

Proposed changes to tenancy law will prevent you from ending tenancies contractually, ban fixed-term tenancies, give tenants the right to modify a property, allow tenants to keep pets as of right, and enable Government officials to enter boarding houses at any time.

Additional standards will require you to provide and maintain expensive heat pumps, install additional insulation, extractor fans for kitchens and bathrooms, install under-floor polythene sheets to stop rising damp, and place draught-proofing tape around all windows and doors.

Putting in two submissions may be a 15-minute task by going here: on tenancy law reform, on the extra standards.

The proposals are not evidence-based; they are to satisfy a small group of vocal supporters of the current Government.

Many owners who are disgusted with being used as scapegoats by successive governments are selling, with first-home buyers snapping up stand-alone houses.

This means there will be fewer rental properties available, rents will increase, and prospective tenants will face tougher scrutiny.

Nobody in Government appears to have thought that through.

Put in your submissions today.

Follow the links above, follow the directions, print the submission forms out, fill them in, and mail them in by Friday.

The deadline is 5pm on Sunday, October 21, for tenancy law, and 5pm on Monday, October 22, at, for standards.

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