Will the National Party under Judith Collins vote against Labour’s flawed proposed amendments to residential rental tenancy law and correct the rules and penalties to do with rental property standards, Tenancies War spokesman Mike Butler asked today.

The Labour-led Government is trying to push through changes to the Residential Tenancies Act which would mean that:

  1. Rent arrears debts will become larger, and will take longer and become more difficult to resolve.
  2. Noisy, disruptive behaviour becomes much more difficult to manage, creating a problem for owners and neighbours.
  3. Owners won’t be able to end a tenancy except by selling it or moving into the property.

“Will Ms Collins make a commitment that the National Party would vote against residential tenancy law changes when the bill returns to Parliament after scrutiny by the Social Services and Community Select Committee,” Mr Butler asked.

“In addition, would a National-led government revisit the so-called healthy homes regulations that have turned the business of renting into a nightmare of costly compliance,” he asked.

“Seventy three of the 87 proposed penalties target owners and the fine for owners for not complying with the healthy homes standards is $7200,” Mr Butler said.

“Standards are fine but the requirement to re-insulate beyond that required in 2016 is all cost and little benefit and the heating assessment tool (on the Tenancy Services website) is flawed,” he said.

“The whopping fines and the unnecessary extra insulation should be dropped, the heating tool should be amended to correct its flaws, and the standards should be recommendations rather than punishable rules,” Mr Butler said.

“The proposed amendments to tenancy law plus the Draconian penalties linked to housing standards are driving many residential rental property owners to sell,” he said.

“Labour policies are reducing the supply of rental property at a time when tens of thousands are looking for a home to rent,” Mr Butler said.

“New Zealand’s 290,000 rental property owners need to know where the National Party stands as we prepare to vote on September 19,” he said.

Stop the War on Tenancies is a group that since October 2018 has been highlighting the failure by the Government to create sound policy and law for residential rental property. Much policy has only increased rents and disadvantaged both tenants and owners.