A waiting list of 20,000 proves Govt rental property failure

A state-house waiting list that ballooned from 5844 to 20,000 in three years is all the evidence anyone needs that the Labour-led coalition government’s rental property policy has been a massive failure, Tenancies War spokesman Mike Butler said today.

Newly-released figures show 19,438 eligible applicants were waiting for public housing at the end of July, an increase on 918 from the month before. See https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/300112537/election-2020-public-housing-wait-list-nears-20000-applicants

If housing was in crisis in 2017, as Labour/Green politicians would have had you believe, look at what they did when they were in control, Mr Butler said.

An ill-conceived compliance regime for rental properties has added massive costs to each tenancy, he said.

Self-defeating changes to tenancy law have further bound the management of rental property in red tape that means it will take months to sort out issues to do with unpaid rent and ant-social behaviour, he said.

Massive fines that could total $100,000 have turned the business into a compliance nightmare and the government is making lame excuses its collective lack of common sense, he said.

We warned the Government that ill-conceived changes to tenancy law and standards would reduce supply and increase rents, he said.

That is exactly what has happened, creating a gut-wrenching new normal for tens of thousands of renters nationwide, Mr Butler said.

New Zealand’s 290,000 residential rental property owners must use their two votes in this election to bring some sanity back to the business of owning and managing rental property, Mr Butler said.

Stop the War on Tenancies is a group that since October 2018 has been highlighting the failure by the Government to create sound policy and law for residential rental property.